Rec&ts2mpg converter

Rec&ts2mpg converter 2.9

Most digital video recorders, including satellite, (Topfield,...

Most digital video recorders, including satellite, (Topfield, DreamBox and so on) use the MPEG format for compressing the digitized video signals and record the video in a compressed format to a disk drive (or other memory).

But you cannot play back the recordings with a regular MPEG player on your computer (or create DVD from this MPEG) because they are formatted differently from the standard MPEG2 format.

Most often output formats for recorders is. rec or. ts. This program converts. rec and. ts formats to the standard MPEG2 format. Then you will be able to play back output.

mpg format with any standard player (e. g. Windows Media Player) or to author DVDs in ****** authoring program (e. g. TMPGenc DVD Author). Features:- Fast converting.